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Team Honda Racing Win Back-to-Back Double Championships!

6th December 2015 – Troy Herfoss has been crowned the 2015 Australasian Superbike and FX-Superbike Champion after a stella performance by both he and Jamie Stauffer over the weekend at Sydney Motorsport Park.


The success of the Honda CBR1000RR SP at the ASC Finale delivers back-to-back double championships for Team Honda Racing, having been similarly victorious in 2014.

Fans were treated to some of the best racing the country has seen over the weekend and the Honda continued to prove its might time and time again. Man and machine. The combination of experience, skill and sheer determination aboard such a finely tuned motorcycle was something to behold.

Stauffer finished the championship in 5th place, not allowing his crash and pelvic injury early in the season to hold him back or stay the charge for points.

There were 3 Superbike races to decide the Swann Insurance Australasian Superbike Championship and Troy Herfoss began the day 1 point ahead after securing Pole position the previous day. His 1st place in the previous day’s race also secured him the FX-Superbike Championship and the Goulburn rider was ready to make it a double.

Stauffer finished 2nd in the previous day’s FX-Superbike race and thus lined up in P2 for the 3 nail-biting ASC finale races.

With Honda P1 and P2 on the grid, things were heating up and the weather followed suit with track temperatures reaching 59.3C for Superbike Race 1.

Stauffer took the Race 1 win in a very close battle at the front of the field, showing he felt extremely comfortable onboard his CBR1000RR SP for the final races of the season. His fastest lap time was a 1:31 .569 sec and Herfoss finished Race 1 in 3rd place, his fastest lap time a 1:31.652 sec. The championship was far from won, but the Honda was looking strong.


Race 2 proved that anything can happen in racing as Wayne Maxwell who was second in championship points, crashed on the first lap and re-joined the race with too much work to do to defeat the on-fire Herfoss. Herfoss finished the race 2nd and Stauffer finished in 5th place.

The championship was down to the wire. There were only 5 points separating Herfoss and Maxwell going into Race 3. Position mattered.

Superbike Race 3 was perhaps the tensest Superbike race that Team Honda Racing has endured as the final push for dominance raged on track. The battles were furious and many with the whole field seeming to step it up for the final race of the season.

Herfoss finished in 5th place after suffering major tyre issues throughout the race and therefore being forced out of contention for a podium position. And then there was Stauffer.

Jamie Stauffer raced a brilliant race for the finale and not only battled for the race win, but also managed to keep Maxwell from scoring enough points to be a title threat as he held him at bay. The manoeuvres performed by Stauffer during Race 3 as he did the superbike dance of pass and re-pass for position, were nothing short of inspiring.

The championship came down to the chequered flag as Stauffer diced with Mike Jones for the race win in the final laps and blocked Maxwell simultaneously. It was a How To Guide from the multiple Australian champion. As the bikes came down the main straight for the final time it is safe to say many held their breath as nothing was certain.

Stauffer finished Race 3 in 2nd place by a mere .108 sec and Maxwell crossed the line in 3rd place with Herfoss bringing it home in 5th place, crowning Herfoss the 2015 Australasian Superbike Champion. Stauffer finished 2015 in 5th place in the championship which was a fantastic effort considering he did not compete in the first round after his crash early in the year and subsequent recovery from injury.

Herfoss: “What an unreal feeling it is to claim my first ever Australasian Superbike Championship. That last race was the most stressful 12 laps I have had on a motorbike! It’s a great feeling to win this championship and something I have worked hard for. Of course there is no way I could have done this without a dedicated team behind me, in Team Honda Racing. They have been behind me since day one! I can’t thank Paul and Laura Free enough for bringing me on in 2014. Shaun, my mechanic is just a wizard at what he does and deserves a huge credit to this championship. To all the team sponsors, and my personal sponsors, a massive, massive thank you, as without your support this could not be possible. Finally, thanks to everyone for all the well wishes and great support you have given me throughout 2015, it means a hell of a lot. Thank you.”


Stauffer: “Congratulations to Troy on his 2 titles! He absolutely deserves them and has raced so well all year. It has been great to race alongside him on the Honda. Well done to the team and thank you for all the hard work put in during the season. We were behind the eight ball this year after my crash and it took a while to recover, but the team just kept giving it their all and we managed to finish in 5th place having not competed in one event early on. Obviously, I would have liked to have finished in the top three, but I come away from the final event with a race win and it was a really exciting event to finish the season. Thank you to all the team sponsors for the terrific support you have given all year. To Honda Australia, a huge thank you. To Paul, Jason Kaine who was invaluable this season and to the whole team, well done and thank you for the hours of hard work.”

As Team Honda Racing celebrate the Honda CBR1000RR SP and the ever professional Troy Herfoss and Jamie Stauffer, their thanks must go to everyone that made the success possible.

Team Principle and Motologic owner, Paul Free: “Congratulations Troy! This championship is ours because of the team of people that come together to make it happen, from the staff to our team sponsors. Shaun Clarke works tirelessly at Motologic and at each race event and it is fantastic to see his hard work as Troy’s crew chief pay off. Well done Shaun and also Glenn Granger who completes Troy’s side of the pit garage and is an absolute workhorse. Thanks also to Jason Kaine for all his help this year he is an asset to the team and worked extremely hard for Jamie throughout the season. Well done to Jamie for his incredible tenacity and unwavering determination. To come back from the early pelvic injury and finish the championship in 5th place and with such a show of strength in the races was fantastic. To Honda Australia a huge thank you. We are proud to represent the Honda brand and to have been able to bring home 2 championships this year, making it back-to-back wins. To all our other sponsors, Motul, Honda Motorcycle Insurances and Extended Warranty, Pirelli, Patterson Cheney group, Honda Genuine Parts and Accessories, Western Freight Management, Alpinestars, HART, NGK and all those that support our team. Thank you. It was an incredible year.”

Team Honda Racing Win 2015 AFX Superbike Championship!

4th December 2015 – A fantastic 1-2 finish for Team Honda Racing in the FX-Superbike Championship decider this evening sees Troy Herfoss take the race win and the title with Jamie Stauffer finishing 2nd in the race, 2nd overall for the event and 6th in the FX-Superbike Championship.


The Honda CBR1000RR SP was strong from the beginning of the weekend, #3 Troy Herfoss topped the time sheets in both practice sessions today. He recorded his fastest lap time in the second practice session, a 1:30.589 sec. Herfoss was extremely pleased with the Honda CBR1000RR SP heading into qualifying. #2 Jamie Stauffer posted the 5th fastest time in both practice sessions, making good use of the track time to fine tune the CBR1000RR SP.

The Hondas looked strong in qualifying and at the session’s end Herfoss recorded the 3rd fastest lap time with a 1:30.812 sec ahead of Stauffer with a lap time of 1:30.936 sec, placing them in P3 and P4 on the grid for the AFX-Superbike Championship decider later in the day.

The final race in the 2015 AFX-Superbike championship was Honda’s from the start. Both CBR1000RR SPs got off the start line well, but it was Stauffer who lead the field after the first lap, ahead of Herfoss hot on his tail. It wasn’t long until Herfoss took the lead with the title clearly in his sights. Herfoss claimed the fastest lap of the race, a 1:30.851 sec ahead of team mate Stauffer with a lap time of 1:31.135 sec and a gap to 3rd place of more than 2.5 seconds at the chequered flag. It was a convincing and thrilling win for Team Honda Racing and places Herfoss in Pole position on the grid for tomorrow’s Swann Insurance Superbike Championship decider.

Herfoss: “I’m ecstatic because it is the first time I’ve been able to dominate a race quite like that. Every race so far has been less than a second gap, but today from the moment we rolled out of the pit garage I knew we had a great bike and it made the race so much easier. I really want to thank Shaun Clarke for his complete dedication. He has done a fantastic job all year.   I am ecstatic to take the FX-Superbike Championship title and pole position for tomorrow’s Swann Series races. Another big battle tomorrow and the Honda is up to the challenge.”

Stauffer will line up in P2 on the grid for tomorrow’s Swann Series races and is very happy with his 2nd place result today.

Stauffer: “Finishing today 2nd overall was great and the Honda felt strong in both qualifying and the race this evening. I got a really good start in the race and although I didn’t get the win, 2nd place and P2 on the grid for tomorrow’s races is really motivating. I am looking forward to getting out there and seeing what I can do. Well done to Troy for winning the FX-Superbike championship. That was a great effort. Let’s see what the Honda can do tomorrow.”

Tomorrow’s Swann Insurance Australasian Superbike races can be viewed live on Fox Sport 501 from 5pm-8pm and live streaming of all races is also available on our website